[Disseminated histoplasmosis in a dorcas gazelle (Gazella dorcas neglecta) kept in captivity conditions in Spain].

  • publication
  • 28-07-2009

Fariñas F, Flores L, Rodríguez P, Sabalete T, Quevedo MA. Rev Iberoam Micol 2009 Jun;26(2):152-4. S1130-1406(09)70027-0. 10.1016/S1130-1406(09)70027-0.

A 17 month old female gazelle dorca (Gazella dorcas neglecta), kept in captivity in a Spanish zoo, showed several symptoms of illness including fever, lethargy and behavioural changes. (X)-ray revealed ruminal "foreign bodies" and pneumonia with a nodular pattern. After surgical intervention, the animal died. At necropsy, histopathologic and microbiological findings were consistent with the diagnosis of disseminated histoplasmosis, with an inflammatory histological pattern associated with immunodepression in the animal, similar to those observed in patients with severe immunodeficiency (AIDS and others).

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