By plane

In Geneva Cointrin international airport baggage claim area, take a free bus ticket from the machine sitting right before customs and exit doors. Follow the signs inside the airport to the bus stop. Take either bus line 10 (direction: Rive) or bus 5 (direction: Thônex-Vallard) and stop at “Bel-Air”. Change for bus 19 or bus 2 (direction: Onex-Cité) and stop at “Sainte-Clotilde”. For directions from the Sainte-Clotilde bus stop to the Sciences Departments read the instructions below. For bus maps and timetables, see the directions.

By train and bus

Take tramway 14 (direction: P+R Bernex). Get off the tramway at “Jonction” and change for either bus 2 (direction: Genève-Plage) or bus 19 (direction: Vernier-Village). Both these buses depart from the “Rue du Vélodrome” that you reach by crossing the “Rue des Deux-Ponts” in front of the tramway. These buses will bring you to “Sainte-Clotilde”, the closest bus stop from the Sciences departments. For directions from the bus stop, read the instructions below (“Walking from the “Sainte-Clotilde” bus stop to the Sciences department”). For bus maps and timetables, see the directions.