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Où est le monstre?

  • news
  • 07-03-2022

This is the question posed by the new exhibition, which offers a journey through three Geneva locations. The groups of professors Birgitte Galliot, Denis Duboule, Ivan Rodriguez and Michel Milinkovitch took part in the realization of this exhibition.

How elephants use their trunk

  • news
  • 31-08-2021

Milinkovitch's lab quantitative analysis of the biomechanical and functional morphology of the elephant trunk is published today in Current Biology.

How the lizard gets its pattern

  • news
  • 26-04-2021

LANE lab's 3D numerical simulations of the ocellated lizard skin colour patterning are published today in Nature Communications.

The snake in the white suit

  • news
  • 24-02-2021

Michel Milinkovitch-Tzika Lab sequences the Texas Rat Snake genome and suggest that a regulatory mutation of MITF causes the leucistic phenotype.

Snakes reveal the origin of skin colours

  • news
  • 06-10-2020

A mutation of the lavender variant of corn snake allows the Milinkovitch lab to understand the mechanisms responsible for the extraordinary variety of skin colours in vertebrates.

Hoxb13 in mouse tail allometry

  • news
  • 31-08-2020

Jozsef Zakany will host a last seminar before his retirement on September 24 at 4 pm in the A300 audience (Sciences II).

The secrets of the iridescent egg sac revealed

  • news
  • 20-02-2020

Milinkovitch Lab an international researchers identify that a 3D photonics structure in the egg-sac envelope of Hida salamanders causes visible iridescence is water and UV iridescence in air.

Ancient mitochondrial diversity reveals population homogeneity in Neolithic Greece and identifies population dynamics along the Danubian expansion axis.

  • publication

. Sci Rep 2022 Aug;12(1):13474. 10.1038/s41598-022-16745-8. 10.1038/s41598-022-16745-8. PMC9356035.

  • event
  • Life Science Seminar Series
  • 14.03.2023 11:00, A150 (Sciences II)

Janet Iwasa (University of Utah).
hosted by: Paul Guichard .

  • event
  • Life Science Seminar Series
  • 25.10.2022 11:00, A150 (Sciences II)

Philip Zamore (Howard Hughes Medical Institute).
hosted by: Ramesh Pillai .