Tackling Acrylate Allergy: The Sticky Truth.

  • publication
  • 30-01-2024

Rodriguez I, George SE, Yu J, Adler BL. Cutis 2023 Dec;112(6):282-286. 10.12788/cutis.0909. cutis.0909.

Acrylates are synthetic thermoplastic resins used in numerous industries since their discovery in the mid-19th century. Known for their versatility in formulating various consumer, health care, and industrial products, acrylates also have come under scrutiny for their potential to cause allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). Allergic contact dermatitis to acrylates previously was largely occupational in nature, but the expanded use of acrylates in products ranging from nail cosmetics to medical devices has increasingly brought this allergy to the general population. Herein, we discuss the chemistry and allergenicity of acrylates and highlight common sources of exposure, clinical presentations, pertinent considerations for patch testing, and tips for the management/prevention of acrylate ACD. We hope to emphasize the shifting trend of exposure sources from the workplace to consumers, underlining the need for increased vigilance from physicians. Collaborative efforts among health care providers and patient education about allergen avoidance strategies are essential to mitigate potential complications arising from acrylate sensitization.

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