“To name things wrongly is to add to the misfortune of the world”, (e-Letter in response to: For better drugs, diversify clinical trials.

We read with great interest the perspective by Bumpus (1), who describes the issue of overrepresenting individuals of European ancestry in pharmacological trials. The author highlights the inequities this can translate into and the efforts needed in reporting ethnicity in trials, in line with the STROPS guideline (2). However, this raises several concerns.


Scaled, armoured or naked: how does the skin of fish evolve?

Montoya's lab has traced the family tree of ray-finned fish in order to reconstruct the evolution of the protective structures of their skin.


Protein stability in drug discovery and molecular biology

27.04.2021 11:00, Virtual seminar (unknown)

Mikhail Savitski (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany).
hosted by: APDU.


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