SPLATCHE3: simulation of serial genetic data under spatially explicit evolutionary scenarios including long-distance dispersal.

  • publication
  • 12-05-2019

Currat M, Arenas M, Quilodràn CS, Excoffier L, Ray N. Bioinformatics 2019 Nov;35(21):4480-4483. 5488121. 10.1093/bioinformatics/btz311. PMC6821363.

SPLATCHE3 simulates genetic data under a variety of spatially explicit evolutionary scenarios, extending previous versions of the framework. The new capabilities include long-distance migration, spatially and temporally heterogeneous short-scale migrations, alternative hybridization models, simulation of serial samples of genetic data and a large variety of DNA mutation models. These implementations have been applied independently to various studies, but grouped together in the current version.

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