Deep active learning for Interictal Ictal Injury Continuum EEG patterns.

  • publication
  • 03-11-2020

Ge W, Jing J, An S, Herlopian A, Ng M, Struck AF, Appavu B, Johnson EL, Osman G, Haider HA, Karakis I, Kim JA, Halford JJ, Dhakar MB, Sarkis RA, Swisher CB, Schmitt S, Lee JW, Tabaeizadeh M, Rodriguez A, Gaspard N, Gilmore E, Herman ST, Kaplan PW, Pathmanathan J, Hong S, Rosenthal ES, Zafar S, Sun J, Westover MB. J Neurosci Methods 2020 Oct;():108966. S0165-0270(20)30389-7. 10.1016/j.jneumeth.2020.108966.

Seizures and seizure-like electroencephalography (EEG) patterns, collectively referred to as "ictal interictal injury continuum" (IIIC) patterns, are commonly encountered in critically ill patients. Automated detection is important for patient care and to enable research. However, training accurate detectors requires a large labeled dataset. Active Learning (AL) may help select informative examples to label, but the optimal AL approach remains unclear.

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