High-resolution confocal and light-sheet imaging of collagen 3D network architecture in very large samples.

  • publication
  • 07-04-2023

Timin G, Milinkovitch MC. iScience 2023 Apr;26(4):106452. PMC10067766. 10.1016/j.isci.2023.106452. S2589-0042(23)00529-1.

Although notoriously difficult, imaging collagen network architecture, a key element affecting tissue mechanical properties, is of paramount importance in developmental and cancer biology. Here, we introduce a simple and robust method of whole-mount collagen staining with the 'Fast Green' dye that provides unmatched visualization of collagen 3D network architecture, via confocal or light-sheet microscopy, compatible with solvent-based tissue clearing and immunostaining.

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