Luigi Manuelli

Etudiant(e) en thèse chez MuséumLab

  • T: +41 22 418 64 43
  • office 4006 (Sciences III)
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Thesis title

« Investigating morphological novelty in several taxa of Mesozoic bony fishes. My PhD work is currently focusing on a series of fossil coelacanths with unusual tridimensional preservation, found in Triassic deposits near Saverne (East of France, Alsace), possibly representing a new species. I will also examine a fossil coelacanth with aberrant morphological features, from the Jurassic Solnhofen limestone (Bavaria, Germany). Another research line aims at further unravelling the evolution of the suction disc of a primitive remora (echeneid fish) found in the Oligocene of Engi, Canton Glarus. Classical paleontological tools are integrated with more modern approaches like MicroCT. »

Superviseur: Lionel Cavin