The corn snake genome

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The corn snake genome

Athanasia Tzika, her PhD student Asier Ullate and their colleague Frank Chan (FML of the Max Planck Society, Tubingen, Germany) publish a step-by-step guide for de-novo assembly of a high-quality reptilian genome

We are currently witnessing the re-emergence of avian and reptilian models as powerful tools in the developmental, evolutionary, eco-devo, and behavioral research fields. The aim of the new book 'Avian and Reptilian Developmental Biology, Methods and Protocols' is to present readers with recent advances in avian and reptilian biology that are making such re-emergence possible.

In the freely available Chapter 3, Asier Ullate-Agote, Yingguang Frank Chan, and Athanasia C. Tzika present a step-by-step protocol that allowed them to sequence and assemble one of the best reptilian genome available: the corn snake genome.

This chapter is accompanied by a website (, where we provide links to the suggested software, examples of input and output files, and running parameters.

Good luck with the sequencing and assembly of the genome of your favourite reptilian species  !