Position available: Postdoctoral fellow

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Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution
Faculty of Sciences,
University of Geneva, Switzerland

 A postdoctoral position is available in the group of Pr. Michel Milinkovitch for conducting research in the developmental genetics of evolutionary novelties and convergent phenotypes. These last two years, we set-up breeding colonies of non-classical model organisms (within mammals and reptiles) necessary for these studies. The successful applicant will work on identifying the generative mechanisms underlying specific evolutionary novelties and convergences both at the genomic and phenotypic levels. This work is, by essence, highly multidisciplinary and integrative and will require techniques such as:

  1.  comparative transcriptomics (using ultra-fast 454 / Solexa sequencing technologies) and comparative proteomics (two-dimensional protein electrophoresis, mass spectrometry) across species and developmental stages
  2. classical developmental genetics approaches (histology, in-situ hybridizations, ex-vivo cell and tissue cultures, ...)
  3. transgenics (especially using lentiviral technologies).

One of the major projects in our laboratory is the analysis of convergent development of spines within mammals (namely in rodents, hedgehogs, and tenrecs), but other projects involving reptilian taxa are also available. 

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