Eukaryotic richness in the abyss: insights from pyrotag sequencing.

  • publication
  • 13-04-2011

Pawlowski J, Christen R, Lecroq B, Bachar D, Shahbazkia HR, Amaral-Zettler L, Guillou L. PLoS ONE 2011 ;6(4):e18169. 10.1371/journal.pone.0018169. PMC3070721.

The deep sea floor is considered one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. Recent environmental DNA surveys based on clone libraries of rRNA genes confirm this observation and reveal a high diversity of eukaryotes present in deep-sea sediment samples. However, environmental clone-library surveys yield only a modest number of sequences with which to evaluate the diversity of abyssal eukaryotes.

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