Stammerinema hyalinum n. comb. for Filaria hyalina von Linstow, 1890 and its recognition as a senior synonym of Stammerinema rhopalocephalum (Sołtys, 1952) (Spirurida: Acuariidae), a parasite of shrews.

  • publication
  • 06-01-2015

Mutafchiev Y, Mariaux J, Georgiev BB. Syst. Parasitol. 2015 Jan;90(1):105-11. 10.1007/s11230-014-9540-1.

Based on a re-examination of type-specimens of Filaria hyalina von Linstow, 1890 from Sorex araneus L. (Mammalia: Soricidae) and morphological studies (light and scanning electron microscopy) of specimens collected from the same host species in Bulgaria and previously identified as Stammerinema rhopalocephalum (Sołtys, 1952), both these forms are considered to be conspecific. Accordingly, F. hyalina is transferred to the genus Stammerinema Osche, 1955 as Stammerinema hyalinum n. comb. and the species originally described as Synhimantus rhopalocephalus Sołtys, 1952 is considered its junior synonym.

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