Trends in tissue repair and regeneration.

  • publication
  • 02-02-2017

Galliot B, Crescenzi M, Jacinto A, Tajbakhsh S. Development 2017 Feb;144(3):357-364. 144/3/357. 10.1242/dev.144279.

The 6th EMBO conference on the Molecular and Cellular Basis of Regeneration and Tissue Repair took place in Paestum (Italy) on the 17th-21st September, 2016. The 160 scientists who attended discussed the importance of cellular and tissue plasticity, biophysical aspects of regeneration, the diverse roles of injury-induced immune responses, strategies to reactivate regeneration in mammals, links between regeneration and ageing, and the impact of non-mammalian models on regenerative medicine.

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