Is hybridization driving the evolution of climatic niche in Alyssum montanum.

  • publication
  • 22-05-2016

Arrigo N, de La Harpe M, Litsios G, Zozomová-Lihová J, Španiel S, Marhold K, Barker MS, Alvarez N. Am. J. Bot. 2016 07;103(7):1348-57. ajb.1500368. 10.3732/ajb.1500368.

After decades of interest, the contribution of hybridization to ecological diversification remains unclear. Hybridization is a potent source of novelty, but nascent hybrid lineages must overcome reproductive and ecological competition from their parental species. Here, we assess whether hybrid speciation is advantageous over alternative modes of speciation, by comparing the geographical and ecological ranges and climatic niche evolutionary rates of stabilized allopolyploid vs. autopolyploids in the Alyssum montanum species complex.

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