A note on the phylogenetic position of Entzia macrescens (Brady)

  • publication
  • 01-01-2016


We extracted and amplified a fragment of small subunit ribosomal DNA (SSU rDNA) from three Entzia macrescens speci- mens collected in Turda, Romania. The three sequences build a monophyletic group together with a sequence of E. macrescens obtained from Dovey Estuary, Wales, and branch as sister to five sequences of Entzia sp. specimens from Ca- margue, France. The two groups of E. macrescens and Entzia sp. build a strongly supported monophyletic clade with Hap- lophragmoides spp. and Arenoparella mexicana at its base. Calculation of pairwise distances shows that observed interin- dividual and intraindividual distances in E. macrescens and Entzia sp. are similar and lower than interspecific distances which indicates that the population from Camargue might belong to a different, cryptic species. Migratory birds might be responsible for the transport of E. macrescens to the land locked salt marshes of Romania. The sequences of E. macrescens from Dovey Estuary and Turda are almost identical, which would confirm the former hypothe- sis as flyways extend from Great Britain to the Southeast via Eilat to Africa that cross Romania. There is no migratory fly- way that crosses the European continent from the West (France) to the Southeast, which possibly limits the aerial distribu- tion of Entzia sp. found in Camargue.

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