From dietary adaptation in the past to drug metabolism of today: An example of NAT genes in the Croatian Roma

  • publication
  • 31-01-2022

Stojanović Marković, A., Zajc Petranović, M., Škobalj, M., Poloni, E. S., Pichler Oberški, L., Škarić-Jurić, T., & Peričić Salihović, M.. American Journal of Biological Anthropology, 1– 15.

The evolutionary mechanisms that shape the genetic structure of a population left their mark on genes that metabolize drugs. The Roma are an example of a population in which the migrations, isolation, and multiple founder effects have affected its genetic structure. In this study, we investigated NAT1 and NAT2 genes, members of the xenobiotic-metabolizing NAT gene family in three Roma groups from Croatia to explore the specificities of the Roma population in relation to other populations.

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