COVID-19 Vaccinations: Summary Guidance for Cancer Patients in 28 Languages: Breaking Barriers to Cancer Patient Information.

  • publication
  • 31-12-2021

Mauri D, Kamposioras K, Tsali L, Dambrosio M, De Bari B, Hindi N, Salembier C, Nixon J, Dimitrios T, Alongi F, Hameed H, Valachis A, Papadimitriou K, Corradini S, Popovic L, Kopecky J, Rodriguez A, Antunac K, Yi J, Lovey J, Strojan P, Saraireh H, Røtterud R, Chojnacka M, Olalla SC, Chilingirova N, De Mello RA, Amaral GA, Arbabi F, Vidra R, Rapushi E, Takeuchi D, Christopoulos C, Ivanova I, Djan I, Petricevic B, Cellini F, Mihaylova I, Plavetic ND, Kuhar CG, Takeuchi E, Kountourakis P, Ntellas P, Gazouli I, Gkoura S, Yuce S, Er Ö, Yasmina C, Kumaran G, Spahiu O, Yusuf A, Gono P, Apostolidis K, Tolia M. Rev Recent Clin Trials 2022 ;17(1):11-14. RRCT-EPUB-118603. 10.2174/1574887116666211028145848.

Covid-19 vaccination has started in the majority of the countries at the global level. Cancer patients are at high risk for infection, serious illness, and death from COVID-19 and need vaccination guidance and support. Guidance availability in the English language only is a major limit for recommendations' delivery and their application in the world's population and generates information inequalities across the different populations.

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