Plasma immune signatures can predict rejection-free survival in the first year after pediatric liver transplantation.

  • publication
  • 01-06-2024

Chichelnitskiy E, Goldschmidt I, Ruhl L, Rübsamen N, Jaeger VK, Karch A, Beushausen K, Keil J, Götz JK, D'Antiga L, Debray D, Hierro L, Kelly D, McLin V, Pawlowska J, Mikolajczyk RT, Bravi M, Klaudel-Dreszler M, Demir Z, Lloyd C, Korff S, Baumann U, Falk CS. J Hepatol 2024 May;():. 10.1016/j.jhep.2024.05.032. S0168-8278(24)00367-2.

After pediatric liver transplantation (pLT), children undergo life-long immunosuppression since reliable biomarkers for the assessment of rejection probability are scarce. In the multicentre (n=7) prospective clinical cohort "ChilSFree" study, we aimed to characterize longitudinal dynamics of soluble and cellular immune mediators during the first year after pLT and identify early biomarkers associated with outcome.

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