The human genome: reality and fantasy

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On Wednesday 1 February 2017 at 8 pm, Professor Denis Duboule will give a lecture entitled "En route vers le transhumanisme". Cycle of conferences in collaboration with the University of Geneva (Faculty of Sciences). Aula of Collège de Saussure, free admission.

Knowledge of the human genome brings back Frankenstein's trans-humanistic hopes. Could we not produce a human creature whose performance is superior to ours? Many trans-humanist movements are already seeing the day when this fantasy will be a reality. But what is it? Do we want an engineer trans-humanism, made of sensors and prostheses, or a drastic and perpetual alteration of our genetic material, of those "good old chromosomes that have hardly changed since Cro-Magnon"? like Jean Rostand said?

Full schedule in the attached PDF.