OligoFaktory: a visual tool for interactive oligonucleotide design.

  • publication
  • 22-10-2005

Schretter C, Milinkovitch MC. Bioinformatics 2006 Jan;22(1):115-6. bti728. 10.1093/bioinformatics/bti728.

The OligoFaktory is a set of tools for the design, on an arbitrary number of target sequences, of high-quality long oligonucleotide for micro-array, of primer pair for PCR, of siRNA and more. The user-centered interface exists in two flavours: a web portal and a standalone software for Mac OS X Tiger. A unified presentation of results provides overviews with distribution charts and relative location bar graphs, as well as detailed features for each oligonucleotide. Input and output files conform to a common XML interchange file format to allow both automatic generation of input data, archiving, and post-processing of results. The design pipeline can use BLAST servers to evaluate specificity of selected oligonucleotides.

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